Thursday, March 24, 2011

Charlie Sheen t-shirts are popping up everywhere!

Good 'ole Charles has been on quite a run lately.  TV show appearances, tour dates, winning....  But there have been tons of Charlie Sheen t-shirts flooding the market.  I wonder if Charlie makes money off each shirt that sells, or if there is a factory somewhere in China making all these shirts.  Those Chinese dudes must be wondering what the hell is going on with this guy, does "Tiger Blood" even translate to Chinese?

While researching Sheen related T-shirts I came across an interesting website.  ink+cotton does live screenprinting at events, parties and for marketing campaigns.  You could hire them to show up at your next party or event to print your own customized Charlie Sheen t-shirt. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charlie Sheen to perform Goonies Live on Stage!

The photo to the left is not Charlie Sheen, it is actually Christian Bale from his hit 1980's TV show Family Ties.

Charlie is an English Butler who moves in with a middle-class family in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh.  Charlie has a hard time adapting to his new surroundings and the American way of life.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bloggin about Charlie Sheen for money!

We all love Charlie Sheen,  He is a pretty cool guy and doesn't.....  well, let's just say we like Charles in Charge.

You might notice that this blog is dedicated to Charlie Sheen as a topic, while that might seem normal for alot of people I am bloggin about Charlie and using Google's AdSense service to monetize the web traffic.  I learn everything I know about AdSense and Google from another blog -

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

the magic of surprise

the magic of surprise is an awesome blog about bare knuckle street fights, UFC, Strikeforce, K1, Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, douche bags that wear Affliction clothing and the Art of Winning.

 If Charlie Sheen was in a fight he would certainly use the magic of surprise!

News of Charlie Sheen's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

This is the face of a winner, see how Charlie Sheen is looking directly at the camera?  It is like he is willing the picture to be taken with his own mind powers.

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife have reached an agreement deal that settles the custody issues of there kids and ends her restraining order.  

Attorneys for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller issued a statement Thursday night saying the pair had "reached an agreement that resolves their differences." They said the details of the arrangement were being kept confidential for the benefit of their twin sons.

Brooke Mueller (no relation to Ferris Bueller) obtained a temporary restraining order against Charlie Sheen earlier this month, claiming he threatened her on a recent trip to the Bahamas. A hearing had been scheduled for March 22. LAPD went to Sheen's home Thursday night, hours after the agreement was announced, apparently searching for weapons.